Dentacoin – Making It Easier To Pay Your Dentist

No one would have even imagined a decade back that they could pay their dentist a kind of coin that can increase or decrease in their digital value. It is almost like giving them a few stocks of a company instead of giving them cash. Well, with the introduction of Dentacoin, things have definitely changed for the better. Founded by Professor Dimitrakiev and launched by the Dentacoin Foundation, this new blockchain solution will have several features that will look to improve the global dentist industry to a great extent.

Aim of the program

The blockchain solution of Dentacoin will work in multiple ways instead of just letting patients pay their dentists through this cryptocurrency. This network will also launch several services that will include interactive apps where patients can consult with dentists about their problems, a health insurance plan, and also a decentralized database where the medical records of the patients will be stored. So, when a patient visits the respective dentist in a clinic, he/she will be able to pay the monthly fees or the annual fees with Dentacoin. For this, they will have to buy Dentacoins in advance with their debit or credit card. However, this will be a very flexible platform where patients can also use their Litecoin or Ethereum or Bitcoin to buy Dentacoin and then pay their dentist.

Apart from the payment options, the platform will also allow the patients to provide feedback for dental clinics and dentists. They can write about the type of problem they had and the approach that the dentist took to fix the problem, if the dentist was cooperative and patient enough to learn about the patient’s problem, and so on. It is not necessary that patients will only write about their grievances while the treatment was being done. If the patients are satisfied with the treatment and the service of the dentist, then they can share that experience too.

This program is being developed to encourage patients to speak up about their dental experience. There is a high possibility that this approach will turn out to be a game changer for everyone. Since patients will be rewarded for the reviews and feedbacks they provide, they will be more enthusiastic to write an honest review about their experience with the dentist. On the other hand, if there are negative feedbacks about a dentist, he/she will be able to understand why the patient was not satisfied and accordingly, change the approach of their treatment.

The huge response

The Dentacoin blockchain solution will go live this summer but there is already a huge response for this program. It has reached its highest amount of more than $2 million dollars simply in its pre-sale phase. In fact, people have already exchanged the coins in four different exchange platforms. That alone says how successful the program is going to be. In fact, it will take the dental industry to the next level and the platform being so transparent, both patients and dentists will be benefited from it. Please check out the edge wallet review for more information.